There is a first time for everything.

Yes, that is a horse drawn buggy. The wood is refinished in a black exterior finish with red accents, nickle plated hardware for the canopy, new fabric on the seat and canopy. The customer wanted to be able to pull it with a 4-wheeler so we added a cross beam with a trailer hitch. You might have seen this in Kaysville or Layton parades.


These are always a pleasure to see. Decades or even a century old, these pieces always amaze as they still function bringing music into your home.



Treadle Sewing Machines

From the barn to your front room. These can often do more than just look good. They still sew after so many decades.

Old Trunks

We haven’t found any buried treasure yet, but these old trunk will have you looking inside to see if there be any gold here.